"The Hive"
Shortlisted in the LFA 'Pop Up Bike Parking" Competition
In 2022 I was one of 5 shortlisted entries chosen for the London Festival or Architectures "Pop Up Bike Parking" competition.  The brief was to create a flexible, mobile, secure bike parking solution that could be used as a test solution to rolled out across the existing rail network.
The design proposed a simple triangular frame with each edge being able to store a bike semi vertically.  These frames could then come together in sets of 3 to provide parking for up to 6 individual bikes.  These Hives would be individually mobile to be moved to the most suitable locations at each station, then once joined, they would be immobile, preventing theft or loss of bikes.
Thrilled to have been shortlisted and have the opportunity to present and discuss my ideas with the judging panel.
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