New Market Square
Competition Entry
A Space for People:  The brief asked to examine the unique nature of the site, place and history of Letterkenny Market Square and in doing so propose a visionary, creative and innovative public space that people want to spend time in.  This re-imagined Letterkenny Market Square proposal draws from the history of the site as a thriving market, as a large open public space and as a reaction to the brief calling for “More Lighting,” “Better Seating”, “Farmers Market”, “Improved Disability Access”, “Craft Stalls”, “Pedestrianize it”.  The proposal closes the existing road through the square and returns the space to the public.  The steep site is divided into a series of platforms linked by gently sloping ramps and steps providing access to all.  New Market Pavilions are installed where required to provide shelter and commerce.  Inspired by the site, its history and the culture or Letterkenny and Donegal this proposal aims to be an exciting re-imagining of Letterkenny Market Square for a modern city.
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